About me

Pepijn Koning

I’m Pepijn Koning, a 24 year old multimedia designer with an great eye for detail from Groningen, The Netherlands. I design creative media products, mainly I'm designing and developing websites and (mobile) applications. Beside that I make photos, do video editing and make time lapses.

When I was 10 I designed my first website and I knew that this would be my future: designing and developing websites and creative products. Since than I started to make professional websites.

In 2011 I graduated at the Alfa-College in Groningen as Multimedia Designer. Now I work as a freelancer on various multimedia projects.

Beside my fascination for multimedia and gadgets I am a true basketball fan. I am a devoted fan of the baketball pride of Groningen, the Gasterra Flames. And whenever I can I watch the NBA topgames wherefore I sometimes skip a nightsleep.


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